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Monday Mood

Recently I was second shooting a wedding and I was photographing the best man as he stood up to toast his brother and new sister in law. He talked about how much you really don’t understand what family means until you leave home.

I can relate. The older I get, the more I understand just how special my family is to me. They have been there through it all! Driving me to school, helping me make it through middle school alive, cheering on the sidelines at WAY too many track meets, watching me take steps across a stage to move onto the next chapter of my life in college. And then in a few years they watched me take a couple more steps across a stage to graduate college and enter the real world! My family has been there through it all. Like I said, the older I get the more I see that they’ll always be there. They mean so much to me.

This weekend we celebrated my cousin Zack as he graduates high school and moves onto college. The kid is a crazy hard worker! The day of his graduation party he was milking cows on a farm from 3am – 7am. Then he went to work out with Josh from 9 – 12. The farm job is 1 of 4 that he maintains. I can already see that his work ethic will take him anywhere he wants to go. He’s super smart and I’m so glad he turned out that way since I dropped him when he was a baby…love you Zack! (had to throw that in there)

We had a blast hanging out in Pennsylvania for the weekend. It was an especially fun experience for Josh as he witnessed his first Amish horse and buggy. He was freaking out. My dad loves finding covered bridges out in the countryside, so we took a little drive down some back roads to find his favorite one. He is going to be second shooting several weddings with me this upcoming year so we did some practice portraits in the field. Poor Josh, he’s a good sport, but he definitely doesn’t love it every time I shove the camera in his face.

Meet Danny the beagle and my brother Max (the one holding the dog). Danny was along for the ride and loved all the new smells of Lancaster county!

  My Mom and my cousin Nadia, also one of my junior bridesmaids! WOOOO!! He graduated!!

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  1. Erinn says:

    These are all darling!!

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