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DC Family Session // Fisher Family

This weekend was busy with a wedding, my sister visiting, cars getting towed (long story), and a sunrise family session on Sunday. The wedding was beautiful & I had a great time, but there was something about driving into the sunset to hang out in solitude at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial that was so nice!

I arrived about 45 minutes early to meet the Fisher family on Sunday morning. I like to scope out the location, but I also wanted to watch the sunrise. There was NO ONE at the memorial and it was perfect. By 7:00 the only people I was seeing were either runners or people walking their dogs. It’s often hard to convince people, especially families, that a sunrise session is a good idea, but it is so worth it. The few times I have done these sessions now have been some of my most favorite. There is never anyone around, and the light is fantastic. We had an especially good morning for the Fishers.

The Fisher family arrived to greet me on the steps facing the Tidal Basin and their adorable girls came right up and introduced themselves. They were so sweet, so pleasant, and so adorable the whole time! They were extremely well mannered and handled an hour long session really, really well. I actually work with Pierce, their dad. We’ve been working together on a big project for the past 5-6 months. His wife reached out to me a month ago because she saw my photos through a mutual friend. We finally put two and two together after emailing for a bit and realized I worked with her husband! It really is a small world. I loved meeting this family, their sweet girls, and capturing them at such a beautiful sunrise!


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