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How I Made my Giant Mood Board

If you followed along with my Instagram stories this past weekend, you may have seen me running around like a crazy person at Home Depot on Friday night. I tried to document the process as I was bound and determined to make a big cork board as soon as I got home from work on Friday night. Some people that know me, know that when I am motivated to make something nothing will stop me and I will do everything in my power to make it immediately. hahahah that sounds so terrible.

Short Story

  1. Cut 2′ x 4′ particle board down to 2′ x 3′ 6″
  2. Spray particle board with Lockite high performance adhesive
  3. Spray cork square with Lockite high performance adhesive
  4. Lay each tile down as your spray starting in one corner first
  5. Cut excess cork off the ends
  6. lay the board flat overnight and rest heavy books on top of the cork to help set the adhesive
  7. Prop up the board & pin your mood!


Particle Board 2′ x 4′ -$12

Linen Drop Cloth -$5

8 Cork Squares with Michaels Coupon -$22

Lockite Spray Adhesive -$10


TOTAL: $49

Long Story

I’d been thinking all week about making a large piece of art or a giant cork board for the wall above my desk. When Friday rolled around I knew I couldn’t wait till Saturday morning to run out and buy the supplies (I know, I know. So dang impulsive).

I had a bit of a plan in my head before I made my way over to Home Depot, but I also knew I’d be figuring this out on the fly. My original intent was to buy a large sheet of insulated foam board. However, I quickly came to find out that the board cuts like butter and Home Depot couldn’t cut it on their saw for me. It was also pouring rain outside (made this adventure all the more hilarious) and I knew I couldn’t haul it outside and make it fit in my car. So, onto the next option…

I roamed over to the next aisle and found the 2′ x 4′ board of various plywoods and particle boards. This option seemed like the best idea. I would use the board and adhere 8, 12″ x 12″ boards to the particle board and then wrap it with a fabric.

I found a cheap linen drop cloth in Home Depot. It was $5! Looks like a nice, cream colored linen fabric and the material is thick. I left Home Depot for the first time with the drop cloth and the 2′ x 4′ particle board. I made my way around the block to Joanne Fabrics and Michaels. I needed to find the cork squares next. Joanne’s was out of stock so I found the tiles at Michaels. I had the option to do 1/8″ thick cork squares or 1/4″ thick. I went with the thick squares.

I left Michaels and forgot the adhesive I was looking for, Lockite High Performance spray. I checked Joanne’s and they were out. So, I went back to Michaels and they didn’t have it either. But I did realize I forgot to buy tacks. So, here I was at Michaels again buying tacks and a chocolate bar (I was starving).

Luckily, all three of these stores were in the same shopping center. I walked back into Home Depot to look for the adhesive. I started thinking about the height of this board and 2′ x 4′ seemed a bit off balance. I brought the particle board back inside and had the guys help me cut 6″ off the top. This ended up being the best proportion.

After I finally left with everything I needed I was again, bound and determined to make this thing THAT NIGHT. I live in an apartment, so spraying adhesive in our kitchen was not going to work. When I got back to the building I rushed down to the lowest level of the parking garage and set up shop. I threw a clear drop cloth down and put the particle board down first. I sprayed BOTH the board of wood and the back of the cork squares. I laid it out quickly, then threw it back in the car and drove up to the higher level of the garage. I did this as fast as possible and it felt very sketchy. What I didn’t account for was the tolerance on the edge of the board and with the squares. I ended up with about a 1/4″ or particle board peaking out on the side. If I get the chance to cover the board it will hide this little mistake. But in my defense I didn’t know if somebody was going to report me for “spraying” down in the parking garage so I worked super fast!

When I made my way back to our apartment I had to cut off the excess cork. Realizing I didn’t have an exacto knife I used one of our new cooking knifes to hack the cork off the end! It totally worked.

I am super happy with the result and I’m currently holding off wrapping the board because #1 I don’t have an industrial stapler or a place to do it. And #2 I haven’t decided if I actually like the look of the natural cork yet. What do you guys think?

You may also be thinking…okay what the heck. Why didn’t you just buy a cork board. Haha well, I’m sure that would have been the easy solution, but I wanted a longer shape. I love the proportions of the one I made.


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