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Creative Conversations // Calligraphy Collaboration

Last weekend I photographed my talented friend, Mayre’s calligraphy work. Her business is just getting started and I am so excited for her! About a year ago she began practicing calligraphy for fun. It is so crazy to see how far she’s come.

We both share a mutual respect for art and design because she is an architect and I am an interior designer at the same firm. In fact, we both work together! We just completed one of our biggest projects to date and to say we bonded is an understatement. We grew so close as co-workers and as friends. It was an enormous learning experience for both of us and we really got to know each other well. It was at the beginning of said project that I began to tell Mayre about my wedding photography business. She shared her love of calligraphy with me and the planning didn’t stop from there! She is so incredibly talented and really took the art of calligraphy to another level. She dedicated an entire year to intense practice. It was after this year that she really began to show off her work.

I’ve always known Mayre to be crafty and creative. She is a fantastic baker, organizes our company’s spring picnic every year, and is overly positive and joyful. Aside from her creative talents she is also incredibly technically savvy. As an architect this side of her makes sense, it also makes sense when you learn the technicalities involved with writing in calligraphy!

We set up our styled shoot to showcase several of the wedding collections and invitation suites she’s been working on lately! You may notice the same collection in a variety of backdrops. It really shows how one collection can look completely different with the colors, textures, and materials you use for your event.

Mayre’s Etsy shop can be here. Stay tuned to see her website launch in just a couple of weeks!

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