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Monday Mood // A Reflection by Katie Burdett

Hello Secret Leigh followers! It’s me, Katie B! Yeah I know, it’s not Leigh Ann, but please keep reading because this Monday Mood is a reflection on my day spent shadowing her at Gensler in D.C.! Leigh Ann is my sister-in-law, a designer, photographer, and all around awesome person, and I’m so excited that she asked me to write a little bit about my day for the blog!

After celebrating our brother Ben’s graduation from Virginia Tech, I decided to come and live the ~city life~ with Leigh Ann and Josh for a couple days in Washington D.C.. On Monday morning Leigh Ann and I began the day with a berry smoothie and a long bus ride to the heart of the city. Although the regular commuters on the bus didn’t seem too enthused on a Monday morning at 7:45 am, I was so excited to spend the day shadowing my interior designer sister! Once we arrived, LA gave me a tour of the office – which, if you haven’t seen, is so impressive! (I guess that’s to be expected being an architecture and design firm…) After that, we grabbed a cup of coffee from the FREE Nespresso machine and headed to her desk to start the workday. Okay, side note: I may or may not base my future decision of where I want to work solely on whether they offer free Nespresso and coffee in the kitchen. (haha) Anyways, LA introduced me to several coworkers and handed me a large stack of project portfolios to flip through while she touched base with her design team. As a current interior design student, it was so neat to see the process and finished product of such large scale projects since we don’t necessarily get to experience this during school. Throughout the day, I met more and more coworkers and design directors (remember me in 3 years please!), attended a few collaborative meetings, took a fun lunch break, and helped LA with a project.

My favorite parts of the day included: helping to pick out materials and finishes for a furniture package that LA is putting together, our lunch break which included visiting a stone showroom where I got to take home my very own sample of tile, and talking with all of her very outgoing and kind coworkers at the office! The day went by so quickly, and I wish I could shadow LA every day this summer, but duty calls (aka I have to get back to my summer job back in Florida). Since living in Florida I had pretty much decided that that is where I want to live and work…but these few days spent with my brother and sister-in-law put D.C. back in the running! I hope to be back soon to this bustling city, and who knows, maybe next time I’ll be a Gensler intern!

As I reflect on last weeks visit and shadowing experience (hence the images which give off a reflective mood;) ), I feel inspired to continue working towards a degree in interior design. Thanks Leigh Ann (and Josh)!

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